Welcome to Tea in the Sahara’s review page on all things podcast & audio drama related. With my reviews, I hope to share with you exciting, and immersive podcast content to explore from some of the most creative writers, cutting edge producers, and exceptional voice actors within the podcast arena.

Not sure where to start? Check out my latest review of the amazing audio drama ‘StelHeads’ written by Brett Neichin & John Scott Dryden a Goldhawk Production commissioned by BBC Sounds. Or if you like your podcasts with a bit of pace & excitement flooded with an immersive sound why not check out ‘Aftershock’ written, created, directed, and starring Sarah Wayne Callies.

Indie podcast lovers looking for true escapism I have you covered with the amazingly talented ‘Night Post’ collectively created by Rae Lundberg, Ethan Thomason, Tyler Anderson, and Elizabeth R.C Lundberg.

And finally, if you like to get up close and personal with writers & sound design guys you should listen to my Q&A sessions where I put questions to these wonderfully creative people for your reading pleasure.

Latest podcasts

The Podcast Show 2022 review

Welcome podcast fans, I hope you are feeling in the mood for something a tad different for your reading consumption this week? I recently attended the Podcast Show 2022 in London and thought you might potentially enjoy an unfiltered, unbiased review of my very first […]

Outliers – Realm – podcast review

All right stop, collaborate and listen! If those words/lyrics mean nothing to you (welcome millennials), then I pray at a bare minimum I caught your attention. This week guys my review is of a straight-fire podcast thriller called ‘Outliers’ brought to you by Realm, the […]

Archive 81 – Dead Signals – podcast review

Hello podcast people I start this weeks review with a bit of a self-made confession. I actually listened to about five episodes of ‘Archive 81’ a few years ago, however back then the show never really gelled for me so I just stopped listening. A […]

Last Known Position – QCODE podcast review

It’s a known fact January is as irritating as that 1990s song the Macarena! So what better way to beat the mid-January blues than with my podcast unboxing of QCODE’s latest horror-thriller ‘Last Known Position’. You also have the privilege of witnessing this, my first […]

‘Dirt’ podcast Q&A with Kris Kaiyala

Who said the only exciting thing to happen in November was black Friday!  Traditionally Tea in the Sahara would offer up the best shop window of podcasts for you lovely people to tune into. This week guys is different, and as promised in my recent […]

Dirt – season two – podcast review

Back in March this year I had the pleasure of reviewing a truly awesome scripted podcast called ‘Dirt’ by the gifted Kris Kaiyala. Well at last Dirt is back with season two, and Kris has kindly given me an exclusive sneak peek of episodes seven […]

Aftershock- iHeartRadio podcast review

Hello podcast lovers, this week let’s shake things up like a loose can of soda with my review of the awesome ‘Aftershock’ (pun intended!) However, before we jump in with both boots on let me quickly give a shout out to Imran over at Great […]

The Poison Throne – Audible review

Hello guys with this weeks particular Tea in the Sahara review hits a small indie reviewing milestone of twenty reviews (small fanfare please!) Before I dive into my latest review I would quickly like to thank all of those who have supported me throughout this […]

The Cellar Letters – podcast review

As we glide into summer even here in Blighty we’ve been blessed with a rare appearance of that elusive fireball in the sky, the rest of the world likes to call the sun! This sadly is where the charming anecdotes end as this week as […]

The Night Post – podcast review

A few weeks back I tweeted a call to arms asking the land of Twitter and its inhabitants for an exciting new podcast crying out for an independent review by Tea in the Sahara. Answering that call was the guys behind ‘The Night Post’ produced by […]

Soft Voice – QCODE podcast review

Over the last few weeks, I have been blessed with reviewing some truly out of this world, A-plus, exciting, independent podcasters. So to keep things fresh, and mix it up a little, this week I thought I would head on down Main Street, and mosey […]

Wandering with the Dead – podcast review

The concept of this week’s review started out life back in 2010 from very humble beginnings as a short film that never got off the ground. Fast forward ten years, and like NASA’s aptly named rover Perseverance, that ambition and script concept switched out from […]

From Now – QCODE podcast review part two

‘From Now’ sadly finished just about a month ago, however that hasn’t stopped the growing global demand and thirst for this exceptional juggernaut of a podcast no, no! My original review of the show a month back still stands as one of the most visited […]

Mike Prowse Solo Travel – podcast review

Hello, fellow podcast enthusiasts and welcome to my very first stab at reviewing a podcast brought to my attention by the chaps who created the ‘Mike Prowse Solo Travel’ comedy podcast. The guys approached me a while back about potentially doing a write-up of their […]

From Now – QCODE podcast review

Let’s kick off a brand new year with my intergalactic podcast review of ‘From Now’ completing my own personal hat-trick of reviews from those studio production guys down at QCODE. If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out my other two QCODE podcast evaluations […]

Ghost Tape – QCODE podcast review

If like the UK you are hunkered down in another enforced covid lockdown and are looking for a new podcast to get your teeth into, you might just like this next review. Ghost Tape is another excellent immersive audio podcast introduced from those creative types […]

Family Business – Tamer Hassan – podcast review

Context is everything right? I first came across British actor Tamer Hassan when he was an up and coming actor in the London drug gangster film ‘Layer Cake’ opposite the next James Bond (Daniel Craig), and also another relatively unknown actor called Tom Hardy (sound […]

Dirty Diana – QCODE podcast review

Dirty Diana’s opening credits warns the audience that the show contains adult language & explicit scenes, and is therefore not advised for persons under the age of 17 to firmly paint the image you’re not in Kansas anymore! Dirty Diana is an adult-themed podcast by […]

Crypto-Z – Euphonie – podcast review

My review starts with a small disclaimer. Fear not this is not one of those idiotic disclaimers warning Joe-public that their hotel bathtub becomes “slippery when wet!” Or even to be careful because a recently purchased bag of peanuts “may contain nuts!” No, my disclaimer […]

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