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Hello guys, with the big C finally behind us, and 2023 almost upon us I wanted to introduce to you an indie podcast called Station 151 which I believe could be as popular as the Wednesday Addams dance routine. A statement with more front than Brighton Beach you might argue? Well, let’s see if I can figuratively twist your arm!

Tethering the show together we follow astrophysicist Wayne Robertson (Steven James Scearce), as he journeys to Station 151, Antarctica’s first, and only refitted astronomical radio observatory – that’s a vast sodding satellite dish to me & you.
The station is owned by The Telders Corp, which is headed by a nerdy Howard Hughes-type billionaire desperate to see if E.T. is really out there.

Our chap Wayne signed up for a twelfth-month solo stint to research the divine secrets of the universe – whatever that is – and hopefully, avoid losing his marbles. For an insurance policy, and to keep hold of Wayne’s marbles, the corporation forced Wayne to wear an earwig that links him to an AI companion (loose term), called Wilkins – who to my UK-based ears sounded Welsh?

Episode one includes a helicopter ride to the station that felt like a homage to John Carpenter’s The Thing’s opening scene — if that was intentional guys nice touch!
The vintage nostalgia doesn’t end there my friends – if you are a fan of spotting Easter egg references there are also a few nods to golden-age movies for eagle-eared listeners to discover which are ace!

If you enjoy your podcasts with a sous son of sarcasm the acting within this podcast has you covered. For all of its remoteness, this show has tons of satirical interactions between its characters to take the boredom edge off Wayne’s isolation. Including a very unique Husky called Buzz.

As for pacing, there are some insane scene transitions within this show that allow the listener to explore this mysterious high-tech facility at the bottom of the world. IMO, this is my favorite format of storytelling as it allows the listener to become fully immersed within the podcast’s plotline.

So should Station 151 be on your 2023 radar?

From my perspective, minor flaws like stompy footstep sound effects, and squiffy shouting vocals can easily be sidestepped when you take into account the imaginative AF world-building the guys from Greater Kansas City have created.
Me being a Brit I also appreciate a sci-fi podcast that utilizes darker sarcastic humor to lighten awkward moments – which this audio drama executes perfectly.

To keep things simple, if you are looking for a new podcast to kick off your dry January that has a bespoke futuristic vibe to it – look no further than Station 151 — trust me when I say you won’t need to keep the receipts!

A final thought before scores.
Being an indie affair the lads are doing their utmost best to self-promote Station 151 on social media. However, Andy & Steven James Scearce really require listeners to listen & review their podcast in order to ramp up ratings – if you enjoyed Station 151 share the love by leaving a review.

Scores – 3.9/5 – which, for an indie podcast that utilizes the same voice actor for multiple parts is not too shabby.

Station 151, is an indie podcast written by brothers Andy & Steven James Scearce — produced by Bear Weiter & Pale Matter.

Station 151 trailer

If you enjoyed my writing and would like your fictional podcast to be considered for a review by Tea in the Sahara please get in touch — or via my socials. Happy New Year guys, see you all in 2023, Kev.

Cast & Crew

Steven James Scearce is the voice for Wayne Robertson, Pilot Richard Johns, Michael Telders, and Dr. Alfieri
Yurie Hoyoyon – Yumi Sato
Episode (27/12) features Susannah Snowden-Ifft
Bear Weiter of Pale Matter – producer/production company
The lead writer is Andy Scearce, with contributions from Steven James Scearce

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