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Kev’s updates!

Major update guys! Guess who will be attending the Podcast Show 2022 event (my first), on the 25th of May in LDN? So if you happen to be attending the event on Wednesday and you see a chap looking a tad lost, then no it’s not your Uber driver, it will probably be me!

Please do contact me if you are also attending and wish to meet up for a chat.

About Tea in the Sahara

If you are visiting this site you love scripted podcasts right?

Welcome to Tea in the Sahara, the home of podcast & audio drama reviews. Behind the podcast curtain (small drum roll), is me Kev an independent podcast reviewer of both fiction & non-fiction podcasts specialising in sci-fi, thriller, and horror audio dramas.

My inspiration and driver for podcasts dates back to a lunchtime walk where I came across ‘We’re Alive’ by Kc Weyland and BANG my tiny mind was blown! Fast forward some years and here I am writing reviews for some of the greatest podcasts out there.

Podcast submissions

Hopefully, if you are visiting my site you are either a fan of podcasts, or a writer/creator keen as mustard to commission Tea in the Sahara to write a potential review of your outstanding podcast?

Down to business then, if you would like your podcast reviewed please submit your podcast to tinthesahara@gmail.com. You can follow me on Twitter, Insta, email, Semaphore (joking), or by signing up for my newsletter below for all of the latest Tea in the Sahara updates.

I also have a guide page to help assist you with the details that I will need in order to write your customised review.


I have had the previous pleasure of writing podcast reviews for some utterly creative writers both independent and established alike. Some of their kind testimonials are featured below offering you a flavour of the podcasts which I have had the pleasure of reviewing.

My style of writing & reviewing in itself is very unique (he says). I write with a frank yet honest style, delivered in a slightly satirical British tone which cannot be replicated (he hopes!)

I genuinely enjoy seeking out fresh podcasts which really push the creative envelope, and hope through my writing connects & inspires you the reader, bringing to your attention some of the most awesome talents the podcasting industry has to offer. Cheers, Kev

What I am listening to

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Station 103
The Night Post

“We at Station 103 are so grateful for this awesome review! It’s clear that Kev spent a lot of time getting to know the show, and listened with an incisive but sympathetic ear. We’re a new, low-budget show, but Kev met us where we’re at and really understood what we’re going for, and gave us a lovely review that feels like we’ve hit the big time. From everyone on the team: Thank you, Kev!”

Brett Neichin
Writer/Creator of The Cipher from BBC Sounds

“Kev, on behalf of The Cipher team, thank you for the kind review – and BIG congrats on your site. Similar to Pauline Kael writing about cinema in the 70s, you are tied to the very artform you are writing about. Fiction podcasting is still in its infancy in the US; your colorful style perfectly mirrors the playfulness, intimacy, and flexibility of the medium. In that sense, you are growing along with the creators and helping to shape the entire discipline. Please continue to champion the work of writers, directors, actors, and others working in this exciting new space”.