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If you are here you must love scripted fiction podcasts, right?

Welcome to Tea in the Sahara, the home of podcast & audio drama reviews since 2020 lovingly created by me, Kev an independent podcast critic.

Tea in the Sahara strives to deliver bespoke indie fiction podcast reviews specializing in sci-fi thriller audio dramas.

The sole purpose of this site was to showcase my reviews on the best envelope-pushing fiction podcasts out there and engage with writers and fellow podcast fans alike.

My style of writing & reviewing in itself is very unique. I tend to write with a frank yet simple style, delivered in a slightly satirical British tone which cannot be replicated – he hopes!

Podcast submissions

Down to business then, if you would like your podcast reviewed by Tea in the Sahara please submit your podcast to tinthesahara@gmail.com.

To help with the process I created a guide page to assist you with the details that I will need in order to write your customized review.

You can follow me on the usual socials for all the latest Tea in the Sahara updates – details below, cheers Kev.

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