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If you are here you must love scripted fiction podcasts, right?

Welcome to Tea in the Sahara, the home of podcast & audio drama reviews since 2020 lovingly created by me, Kev an independent podcast critic.

Tea in the Sahara strives to deliver bespoke indie fiction podcast reviews specialising in horror, sci-fi, and thriller audio dramas.

The sole purpose of this site was to showcase my reviews on the best envelope-pushing fiction podcasts out there and engage with writers and fellow podcast fans alike.

My style of writing & reviewing in itself is very unique. I tend to write with a frank yet simple style, delivered in a slightly satirical British tone which cannot be replicated – he hopes!

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Hey Kev,
I’m the writer of the podcast OUTLIERS, narrated by Rory Culkin. I came across your review this morning and I enjoyed it very much! I’m so glad you liked the story. Your observations were insightful and the entire review was great fun to read!

I wrote OUTLIERS originally as a novella and Dave, the wunderkind producer, liked it enough to turn it into an audiobook, you know, a single narrator reading the novella aloud, like what they used to call Books-on-Tape. Then Realm came along and said, basically, hey!, with some sound effects this could be an audiopod! (I didn’t even know what an audiopod was at the time.) And that’s what happened. Surprised the heck out of me. But both Dave and I are SO gratified that OUTLIERS has had this chance to be heard and to be enjoyed by so many. Credit to Realm for having the perspicacity (hell yeah I like more-than-just-the-basics vocabulary!πŸ˜€) to see its potential in the podcast world; credit to Dave realizing, in the first place, that this little gem of a novella, if voiced by someone like Rory, who truly got it, would take it to a new place. It’s gone to that place, and then some. Rory IS Boy. Amazement and gratitude–that’s where I’m at these days.

So thank you, it’s so cool to be reviewed, especially by someone who appreciates at a deep level what you’re trying to say.

If you lived down the block, I would bring you a tin of cookies in gratitude. Hopefully, this virtual cookie will have to suffice for now. πŸͺ

Thank you, Kev!

Brett Neichin
Writer/Creator of The Cipher from BBC Sounds

“Kev, on behalf of The Cipher team, thank you for the kind review – and BIG congrats on your site. Similar to Pauline Kael writing about cinema in the 70s, you are tied to the very artform you are writing about. Fiction podcasting is still in its infancy in the US; your colorful style perfectly mirrors the playfulness, intimacy, and flexibility of the medium. In that sense, you are growing along with the creators and helping to shape the entire discipline. Please continue to champion the work of writers, directors, actors, and others working in this exciting new space”.