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Stand out from the noise!

Hopefully, you are reading this small guide page because you are keen to have your podcast reviewed by Tea in the Sahara? As more writers & producers have been reaching out to me asking to have their podcast reviewed I thought that a short summary page about what details I will need from you to make your podcast review look, feel, & naturally read as best as it possibly can help.


The saying goes a picture tells a thousand words, and I can probably do a decent Photoshop of the image of your podcast to use within my review, however, it probably makes more sense for you to share with me some of the best podcast images you have which will, in turn, make your review pop from a visual standpoint.


Where did the concept and brainchild come from for your podcast? Are you a seasoned podcast vet with years of history, or perhaps you’re a newbie to the scene? Both of you had a starting point regardless of experience, and within that, there is a story. Where did the concept & idea come from for your budding Sci-Fi, comedy, true crime thriller podcast come from?

Social media

As my reviews are shared both on Twitter & Instagram if you have actor’s, producer’s, sound production people that you want to be included within my tweet, it kinda makes sense that you share their names, and Twitter handles with me. Likewise, if your podcast had a muse, or perhaps someone you want to hopefully grab the attention of within my tweet let me know who they are, and they will go into my tweet. I am happy to try and work towards targeting your key audiences to give your podcast as much BANG for its buck as possible!


So hopefully I’ve got your image, Twitter handles, and you’ve given me your podcast backstory, what’s next? How about who you are? Who writes your podcast, and who is the creative engine behind your podcast? If there are different actor’s used within your podcast who are they? All of this really helps me frame your review, and if it’s just you & a chap called Dave, well that’s cool. Just give me as many details as you can, and I will make you & Dave stand out.

All of this effort promoting your podcast for free, nothing, nish? Well at the moment that is correct. All I will ask for in return if I agree to take on reviewing your podcast is that you write a small testimonial about my work ideally within forty-eight hours of my review going live. I am taking people at face value if they agree to these small & simple terms. If said testimonial could be written at the very bottom of your review using the comment box to ‘leave a reply that would be awesome!

If you have made it all the way down to the bottom of this page well done (gold⭐) Seriously I am just as keen to work with you, and I hope that this page helps a little with how I can make your potential review stand out from the noise! Cheers, Kev.