Mike Prowse Solo Travel – podcast review

Hello, fellow podcast enthusiasts and welcome to my very first stab at reviewing a podcast brought to my attention by the chaps who created the ‘Mike Prowse Solo Travel’ comedy podcast. The guys approached me a while back about potentially doing a write-up of their work off the back of them reading some of my prior work. You see readers dreams really can come true!

Frankly speaking, this is a significant milestone for Tea in the Sahara having only set up shop less than a year ago, and during that time switching blogging focus from music to mostly reviewing podcasts, so having someone reach out and express an interest in me reviewing their podcast is very humbling, to say the least. Either that or they need as much free press as they can get!

To be crystal clear from the beginning the indie team from ‘Mike Prowse Solo Travel’ wrote to me desiring a carte blanche approach to my review sharing my thoughts good, or bad on their established podcast (very brave lads!) Incidentally, the lads also wish to remain anonymous if you were wondering why I haven’t name-checked creator’s & writer’s just yet which I would normally do within one of my reviews.

The scripted comedy ‘Mike Prowse Solo Travel’ podcasts concept is really quite simple, yet originative at the same time. And man-alive a laugh is exactly what we need right now!

So the format is to accompany Mike Prowse, a solo travel expert as he narrates a travel podcast covering locations & multiple obscure genres such as mystery, supernatural, and weirdly space tourism. Think of it as a modern-day p*ss take podcast of ITV’s vintage tv show ‘Wish You Were Here’ for those old enough to remember Judith Chalmers and her forever mahogany tan.

Mike Prowse is a fictional travel podcast with a twist, taking in sights & sounds, geographical locations, and cultural nuances from a quintessential dry British sartorial slant. If you check your hygrometer reading that humour is as dry as the Gobi desert. Comedy as we know is subjective right, and this type of sarcastic folly may not appeal to some folks, but certainly works for me as sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, yet the highest form of intelligence said Oscar Wilde.

Mike’s excursions are as far-flung as New York, Japan, Vienna, and the historic market town of Bury St Edmunds. The guys created Mike’s character in the shape of those radio correspondents you’d hear in far off places or newspaper travel experts of yesteryear. The equipment and production techniques used for the podcast are all exactly the same as those correspondents used to give the show that genuine retro feel.

That level of production within the show is matched by the imaginative writing showcasing that the team really have an obscure, unique vision of travel. The fellas decided that there were enough really long podcasts out there however, there didn’t seem to be many if any around that were short and very tightly scripted. The idea was hatched for Mike Prowse to travel solo so Mike’s voice is the only voice you will hear within episodes lasting about 15 minutes in length.

Since its creation a few years ago the team have built the show steadily, and have a reasonable following within the States which is interesting given this is a very British podcast with very British humour. For the number of podcasts, I listen to I am not afraid to say that I loathe sponsored adverts with a passion. One of the most ingenious ideas I have heard in a while was for the MPST podcast team to create their own sponsored advert breaks, which are basically a mickey-take of those irritating commercial podcast adverts that rattle on. Clever, clever idea lads why hasn’t someone done this sooner!

So who is this podcast for? If you are someone who appreciates deadpan humour encapsulated within a 15-minute window MPST podcast might just be your bag. I won’t use the phrase Marmite as that’s cliche however, I can see that you’ll either embrace this podcast for all the crazy exploits Mike finds himself in, or you won’t (is that a too simple answer?!)

I hope you have enjoyed reading this podcast review for the ‘Mike Prowse Solo Travel’ podcast which is definitely worth checking out on Apple Podcasts, or from wherever you get your podcasts from. Again I’d like to thank the team at ‘Mike Prowse Solo Travel’ for contacting me and entrusting me with this review. Cheers for reaching out fellas!

Like the ‘Mike Prowse Solo Travel’ podcast are you looking to have your podcast or audio drama reviewed by Tea in the Sahara, whatever your genre please do get in touch via any of the below methods or through my contacts page cheers Kev.

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